About Us


MetaMatcher is a series of CNFT collections that formed by different traits which symbolize different personality and characteristic. Let us help you to kickstart your metaverse journey on Metaverse with MetaMatcher


With MetaMatcherCNFT, the holder are being rewarded with Exclusive Business Pitching Funds and Study Scholarship! You can pitch us your business idea or if you need funds for your study, let us know!

The Team


The Dreamer

Founder and Owner of Metamatcher Project



The Seller

Project Manager and Strategist



The Maker

Artist and Illustrator



The Blockchain Builder

Codes smart contracts and introduces new features via roadmap



The Designer

Creates all designs from logos, web page wireframes and design tokens



The Manager

Manages all communities both physical and digital to engage the followers



  • March
    • Project kickstart and dev crowd funding with angel investors
  • April
    • Website Building for MetaMatcherCNFT
    • Marketing Start
    • Community Building
    • Invites Industry Leader to held Speech
  • May
    • First Minting on 13th May "Black Friday"
    • Collaborations with 30 CNFTs Projects to increase exposures
    • First airdrop for Early Supporters and Holders
    • Recruit new Mod members from the community
  • June
    • MetaMatcher - Funds Allocation Audit
    • MetaMatcher - Merchandise giveaway
    • MetaMatcher - Business Fund Explaination
    • MetaMatcher - Scholarship Fund Explaination
    • MetaMatcher Scholarship Foundation Project Launch
    • Community member election
  • Q3 2022
    • Metaverse Self Improvement Seminar
    • Metaverse MetaMatcher - Find your best roles Seminar
    • Metaverse First Offline Community Gathering
    • MetaMatcher Scholarship Foundation Poll
  • Q4 2022
    • Business Foundation Community Election
    • Business Foundation Poll
    • Business Foundation Pitching seminar
  • Q1 2023
    • First Business Foundation project launch
    • Fund Allocation for Business Foundation
  • Q2 2023
    • Community Gathering for 2023 Project Planning
    • Community Voting on MetaMatcher Academic and Business Foundations
    • Community Autonomus Organisation proof of work
    • MetaMatcher Project Expansion

A total of 11,988 fund will be given out to Metaverse Entrepeneur or Enthusiast as business fund or scholarship

*TnC apply: Every NFT sold would have 36 ADA to be gather inside the fund pool

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetaMatcher CNFT?

MetaMatcherCNFT - A New Business and Public Improvement Foundation for Metaverse on Cardano. Its series of CNFT collections that formed by different traits which symbolize different personality and characteristic.

How its diffrent from other CNFT?

In the Metaverse, we can be anyone or, to put it another way, we can be anything we desire! But, to return to reality, we are here to give out scholarship and business funds for your new business! Exclusively for MetaMatcher Holders ONLY!

Why should you get MetaMacher CNFT?

The holder of MetaMatcherCNFT would have unique access to get our funds to get scholarship from your preffered university or get a fund to kick start your business!

How many MetaMatcherCNFT are available for minting?

There's Total of 333 MetaMatcherCNFT availible for minting!

What is the minting price per MetaMatcherCNFT?

46 $ADA Each

When is the launch date?

Date: 13th May 2022
Time: 1pm UTC, 9am GMT-4 ,2pm GMT+1

What are the compatible wallets?

You can purchase $ADA on most exchange wallets, like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance, available through your web browser or mobile. Exchange wallets CANNOT hold Cardano NFTs (CNFTs).We recommend researching the following wallets if you are new: Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet, Adalite Wallet. Create the wallet that you are comfortable with.

Is MetaMatcherCNFT verified?

Yes it will be verified by JPG.Store and others.

Will there be a limit on how many someone can purchase?

Only limit will be per transaction of 10 nfts, but there is not limit for number of transactions.